How to clean carpet to remove stains

Important Tips

There are stains on the carpet, remember the rule. Remove stains as they appear, do not leave for later. They are difficult to remove later, for this you need to spend more time and money. Here are 6 tips on how to clean your carpets, even if they are made a long time ago.

– Coffee drink stain

Persistent and dark stains remain on the carpet after coffee. It will not be possible to remove them immediately, soak the pile with a solution (a glass of table vinegar for three glasses of water), you need to soak the stains well, and gradually rinse the spots with a sponge. We repeat the procedure until the dirt is washed off.

2. Candle wax

To remove wax from the nap, you need to take a sheet of paper and an iron. Put the napkin on the stain and iron it, the wax will transfer to the paper napkin.

3. Traces of red wine

Grape juice and red wine leave permanent marks on pile floors and are permanent stains. The sooner you decide to remove them, the more chances you have for the carpet to return to its original appearance. After collecting the spilled liquid with a towel, treat the stain with vinegar, in case of missing, take a stain remover for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets, it will definitely help.

4. Cosmetics leave marks on the carpet

You can try to remove the left stains of lipstick and nail polish on the carpet by scraping, but if it is not possible to remove the dirt 100 percent, then wet the sponge with alcohol or a nail polish remover solution that does not contain acetone and saturate the stain. Be sure to rinse your carpet with water to remove odors.

5. Chewing gum on the carpet

You can remove this oversight by freezing the gum. Take a piece of ice and lean it against the spot of contamination, the chewing gum will freeze, now it is easier to deal with it. With a spatula, gently scrape off the frozen piece.

6. Remove greasy stains

After spilling gravy, greasy or oily sauce on the carpet, prepare thoroughly and be patient. The spots are some of the tricky ones. Sprinkle talcum powder, baking soda, or starch over the stain and let sit for twenty minutes or half an hour. During this time, the fat will be absorbed into the powder. Vacuum the dirty area. Next, treat with a sponge dipped in rubbing alcohol.

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