How to color paint yourself

Important Tips

Tinting paints at home is a rather difficult task. The most important thing in this process is to correctly calculate the amount of color scheme in order to achieve the desired shade.

Tinting of paints is necessary when, during the repair, it becomes necessary to paint something in a color that is not in the manufacturer’s palette. Tinting of colors is a prerequisite for creating complex colors.

A complex color is called a color that consists of several colors and a tinted main color. For example, by tinting a color, you can achieve a vibrant color that resembles the color of a freshly squeezed orange. Color tinting is needed when you plan to paint a room in several colors. It is especially important in places where shades meet, and you do not want the transition to be very noticeable.

There is a computer tinting of paints, it is carried out using a special machine. Computer tinting of colors has long been carried out by professional design workshops. The main advantages of computerized color tinting are that the desired result is always achieved. The machine also offers a wide range of tinting pigments. The machine can calculate the exact amount of pigment that needs to be added to the base to achieve the desired shade. Using computer tinting of paints, you will spend much less effort and time.

Basic rules for tinting paints:

Firstly, if the area of ​​the room that you are going to paint is large enough, then the color spectrum will look somewhat different than in the presented sample.

Secondly, when choosing a color, it is necessary to focus on the central lighting in which the room will be operated. This means that you need to choose a paint, having previously looked at the color transfer, both in daylight and in artificial lighting.

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