How to decorate desserts with currants in a sugar shirt?

Important Tips

Are you heading to a summer garden party or family gathering and want to really show off an impressive dessert? Try the currants in a sugar crust. You can also use other fruits and even flowers such as roses, licorice, or pansies.


• egg white 1 egg
• 2 bowls
• fork
• plate
• fine granulated sugar
• currants and leaves

Whisk the egg whites in a bowl with a fork. Soak the fruits and leaves of currants from all sides with protein. Sprinkle the currants with granulated sugar on all sides. Let everything dry on a plate and then gently transfer to the cakes. You can also spread the dried currants in sugar on a decanter of homemade currant juice. Currants soaked in protein and sugar adhere well to glass, but it is better to secure the whole decoration with a beautiful ribbon.

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