How to make a coffee table yourself

How to make a coffee table yourself Important Tips

A coffee table can be a good and practical decoration for your room. But each person presents his design in different ways, because you cannot always find a suitable one in a particular store, although in fairness it should be noted that the choice is simply huge and most likely you will find what you need. Nevertheless, a great solution would be to make your own coffee table. But how?

There are many ways to make a coffee table, this article lists the most popular ones.

1. A table made of logs. To do this, you will need: a log with a diameter of about half a meter, furniture wheels 3-4 pieces (optional) and colorless varnish. Use sandpaper to ensure that your surface is smooth, no burrs sticking out, and no extra holes. Next, cover your future table with 2-3 layers of varnish, wait until it dries. Screw on the casters. Your simple but rather original coffee table is ready.

2. A table made of birch trunk cuts. To do this, you will need: one sheet of plywood, white grout, liquid nails and furniture wheels 3-4 pcs. The base is made of a plywood sheet with a diameter of about half a meter and a box, which should be slightly smaller in diameter. We fix the box in the middle on liquid nails, cover the cracks with white grout, spreading it gently with a spatula, remove the remnants with a damp sponge. Then we cover the base with varnish for 2-3 layers. At the end we fasten the wheels.

You can decorate both of these products to your liking even before applying the varnish base, this will help to give the table originality and individuality.

3. A table of two unnecessary shelves (scrap materials). The base for your future coffee table is made of shelves and black metal plates. Attach the shelves with the back walls to each other using plates that need to be fixed on the base and top. Cut out a tabletop from a sheet of plywood, a little more shelves in size, but not by many. You should attach wheels to the bottom so that your creation can move around the house without any extra effort. At the very end, decorate the product so that all your guests wondered where you found such a wonderful table.

There are many different ideas for creating coffee tables. Instead of plywood, you can use glass or any other material that suits your taste. Experiment and you will end up with your dream table!

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