How to wash in the morning?

How to wash in the morning? Important Tips

A common thing that everyone does literally on autopilot is washing, but are we doing it right? Not everyone can answer. It turns out that there is a different way for each skin type:

Normal skin. You need to wash yourself in the morning and in the evening. It is better to use mild cleansers that will gently remove accumulated oils and dead skin cells. After such cleaning, ideally use a toner and apply a moisturizer: day or night, depending on the time of day.

Oily skin. This type of skin needs to be washed in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. The skin is very saturated with fat cells and dirt, so you can use gels, scrubs or foams for washing.

Dry skin. You need to wash yourself in the morning and in the evening, but you cannot use soap, it can lead to peeling of the skin. Any other means will also not work very well; it is better to do with plain cold water. But as you know, water is different, not only skin:

Cold water. Of course, many have heard about the benefits of cold water on the body, everyone knows that it hardens it, but if you abuse your face with cold water, you can harm yourself: the blood vessels will narrow, the blood supply will decrease. Although this does not apply to owners of oily skin, it is rather the opposite – cold water will lower the work of the sebaceous glands, which means less fat will be released.

Hot water. It expands the pores, which means that if abused, the skin’s resistance to adverse conditions will decrease. It is also worth noting that the muscles on the face will also not appreciate such procedures. They will become weak, wrinkles will appear.

Room temperature water. She suits everyone and always, no one will get any harm from her.


Before such procedures, you should consult a doctor. The most optimal way to wash with water is a contrast wash: warm and cold water. In such a simple way, it will turn out to improve blood circulation, skin nutrition. But it is worth remembering that the procedures begin only with warm water, but end only with cold water.

And of course we all wipe off after washing, but take care of your skin in advance – do not rub it with a towel, blot it with light, non-pressing movements on the face and this procedure will be enough to help the skin not lose its elasticity. And of course, immediately after washing, you should not go outside, especially if there is a wind, so as not to dry it out or get chapped.

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