What is cardsharing? And how does it work?

What is cardsharing? And how does it work? Important Tips

Cardsharing is a method by which independent receivers can get access to watching pay TV channels, no matter which cable or satellite.

However, they use only one access card. Thanks to this method, you can watch encrypted non-hacked channels with minimal financial costs.

What do you need to connect? To be able to watch many channels, you need to have access to the Internet, a TV, a computer, a dish and a receiver. But you can do this without the help of a computer at all. If there is a receiver with a special socket for wire input. The network cable needs the Internet.

What do you need to have to use cardsharing?

– Circular or linear converter for television.

– Antenna with mounts.

– The receiver is a must.

– Special extension cable or null modem cable.

– The right amount of cable and special connectors.

After all these necessary purchases, you need to install everything. If you understand, then it will not be difficult to do it yourself, if not, it would be better to contact a specialist or the person who installed it earlier. If the plate is not installed, it must be installed, otherwise nothing will work. In addition, you need to install it correctly, approximately aim at the satellite. Also, if it does not work out, you can contact special companies that are engaged in this. When the receiver is turned on, do not touch the cable, nor turn it on or off. Otherwise, forgetting this golden rule, the receiver may burn out.

What are the benefits of this method?

– The subscription fee is not high;

– Connects automatically;

– Huge selection of service packages;

– There are test package connections that you can use;

– At any convenient time, when questions arise, you can consult with a specialist;

– The quality of the broadcast is at the highest level.

We propose to consider cardsharing as an alternative, since the number of such servers and clients is increasing every day, cardsharing is becoming more popular and affordable for absolutely everyone. It is up to you to use all the television channels or be limited to those that are available.


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